Main occupation

DIMKO MITREV deals with production and trade of furs, fur products and
fur accessories:

- Furry footwear
- Car covers for all types of cars
- Sewing and Woven Carpets
- HTZ equipment, gloves, coats, vests
- Fur apparel
- Various products from medical fur


ISO 9001 : 2008






The company DIMKO MITREV started with the furrier workshop of the brothers Zarezankovi that existed from the beginning of 19 century. Still the basis of the present factory for production of all kinds of fur and leather products lasts from year 1947 when the modern history of industrial capacity DIMKO MITREV starts to unfold. Throughout all this years the factory had faced all kinds of challenges, while staying focused at all times, towards development that increased the assortment, quality and the capacity of the production. The company is fully a private ownership from year 1997 and it functions as a joint stock company, organized in three operating units.



Furry footwear (slippers, boots, flops, pullers, slippers for kids) are based on modern design and are being used in every period of the year. They have a soothing effects on the skin they neutralize the bases, acids and odors, they regulate the body temperature, they enable proper blood circulation, they absorb swear. They are being manufactured in broad choice for all age groups, male, female and kids in various colors and designs.


Auto covers and steering wheels are made out of natural sheep fur and are being used for all kinds of car steering wheels. They have a pleasant look and are comfortable for every user. They have a soothing effect on the skin, regulate the body temperature, discard sweat and stop the development of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. They are being made upon order in more colors and designs.


Woolen carpets made out of whole pieces of natural sheep fur are being used in the household, their backside is sheathed with canvas and they are being put directly on the floor. Their touch gives a pleasant, dry and comfortable feel for all ages and seasons. It absorbs moisture easily and releases it quickly in the air. Fabricated carpets are being made of pieces of natural sheep fur. Their backside is sheathed with canvas and being woven by hand using a traditional loom.


Products are manufactured from natural sheep fur and cotton impregnated canvas and serve as protective work equipment.

Крзнената модна бунда и капи се изработуваат од јагнешки кожи. Крзнените ташни се изработени од овчки кожи, во различни големини, бои и дизајн, во тренд со модните светски случувања. Производи од медицинско крзно.


Fur coats and hats are manufactured from lamb skin. Fur purses are being made from sheep skin in various sizes, colors and design following modern worldwide trends. Products from medicinal fur. Special product from the manufacture program of DIMKO MITREV is the fur for medicinal use. Medicinal fur is a natural soft sheep fabric from specially selected merino sheep sorts. This fur is manufactured according to a specific technology that guarantees ecologically healthy fur. Patients being ill from diseases that require prolonged lying down, acquire decubital wounds. This problem is eliminated if they use our medicinal fur that is due to chemical and physical properties of the wool.

In the medicinal program we offer:

1. Furry blankets from medicinal fur
• for hospital beds
• for wheelchairs
• for kid bedding

2. Medicinal fur in natural form of leather

3. Furry pillows from medicinal fur

4. Leg warmers for paralyzed, disabled and elder persons

5. Furry warmers from medicinal fur with or without toe or finger forms

6. Warmers for: ankles, wrists, elbows, kidneys and belts.

7. For babies we offer:
• Furry blankets from medicinal fur for kid bedding, cart, chairs
• Fur in natural form for kid beds
• Furry warmers for kids
• Furry gloves for kids
• Furry kids hats

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Street: St. Dimko Najdov 94,
1400 Veles, Macedonia
City: Veles
Country: Macedonia

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