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DOGAN FRIGO is specialized shop for cooling and air-conditioning equipment, custom service. Authorized representative in Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania:

Embraco - Brazil
DuPont USA
C GAS Turkey
Copeland USA
Alco Mexico
ZiyaCold Turkey




Dogan Frigo

The company Dogan Frigo with this name is known since 2007, but we exist on the market since the distant 1991 as "Dogan"- compressors and refrigerator service shop. Nowadays our occupation is sale of complete cooling equipment, from domestic refrigerators to showcases and supermarket cooling chamber, chambers for different factories such as factories for meat, vegetables, fruit etc. and sales of spare parts in the field of air conditioning. Except in Macedonia (Skopje), we have stores in Kosovo (Urosevac,Pristina and Prizren) and Albania (Tirana).

Dogan Frigo

We are authorized distributors of:


Embraco (Embraco Aspera)

compressors and units used for domestic refrigerators, showcases for supermarkets and unit chambers.


Freon, number one in the world, as well as the Turkish Freon C Gas. We have Freon types R134a and R600 which are used for domestic refrigerators and auto air conditioners, types R22 and R404a used for refrigerated showcases and chambers, types R407c and R410a used for domestic air conditioners, chillers and heat pumps (types R22 , R407c, R410a).


copper pipes from all sizes in coils and straight pipes and copper supplements: socket, tees, elbows, reducers, insulated copper tubes.

Copeland Scroll

(ZR, ZB, ZF ...), hermetic (CR and CS), semi-hermetic compressors that are used for channel air conditioners, chillers, heat pumps and engines for small and large chambers.

Mitsubishi, LG и Hitachi

compressors for air conditioners with Freon R22, R407c and R410a.


condensers and evaporators, which are used for showcases and chambers for supermarkets, factories for meat, vegetables and fruits. Apart from the above mentioned products, here you can find regular and digital thermostats, fans, filters, valves, air conditioner condensers, Refco tools and many other parts...



Street: Av. Boris Trajkovski. 9 B, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia - Shop Kisela Voda
Av. 8-mi Septemvri 23 A -
Shop Momin Potok
St. Magistrala bb - Ferizaj, Kosovo
St. Tirana – Prizren, Kosovo
St. Dordania 3/4 – Pristina, Kosovo
St. Ali Demi 70 – Tirana, Albania
City: Skopje
Country: Macedonia

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+377 44 982 851 - Ferizaj, Kosovo

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Faik Bektesh - General Manager
Ivo Mitrevski - Sales manager, marketing